Furniture and home accessories

Accessory Functions

The main task of accessories is to enhance the impression of the interior. They, like nothing else, at low cost and with the presence of taste, are able to compensate for the shortcomings of the room, bring emotions into it. For example, with large things, lamps or vases, you can smooth out the feeling of a small space. “Big in small” is a kind of reverse technique. It is not necessary to fill up an already small room with “peas”. Instead of a dozen cute, but miniature figurines, it would be more competent to add a few large items. Although this does not mean that you need to indiscriminately buy huge vases. The exception is collections, but this is a separate topic for conversation.

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Accessories for the House are selected depending not only on the style of the room, but also purely personal.

Classification of furniture

Furniture surrounds a person from all sides throughout his life. A variety of furniture production items can be classified according to the following parameters: Location (for a house, public premises or vehicle equipment). Intended use (for sitting, resting (sleeping), storing things, providing daily activities (tables). Materials of manufacture (from solid wood, wood slabs, metal, plastic, glass, bamboo, rattan). By type of production (serial, custom-made, experimental). According to the design features (non-collapsible, collapsible, built-in).

Placement rules

There is no clear division of accessories into groups, depending on the function of the room. Unless, of course, it is not a coal tongs, which, of course, should stand by the fireplace. Moreover, in a modern dwelling there is no regulated zoning of the premises. The study is now combined with the guest area, the dining room can be part of the living room or kitchen, etc.
The rules for the placement of accessories are also essentially absent. This is more from the field of intuition. The main rule when choosing “home decorations” is not to be small! Very detailed items are more difficult to place in the interior, because they impose additional requirements on any pattern. The principles of shaping and classical styles have been established for centuries. Of course, any rules can be broken, but it must be done wisely.